Illuminate The Darkness-Wake Up!

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We are in the midst of a time of chaos and stress, which creates confusion and burnout on a growing scale in society. Insecurity is growing stronger, and many of us may be wondering where we are going. I believe that we are where we should be concerning the conditions we have created up to now. We are the society. Our individual and shared thoughts, feelings and actions affect our environment either Negatively or positively, Depending on what choices we make. If we look at society today, it is only a reflection of our Past thoughts, Feelings and actions. It is the sum of our collective consciousness of the past. Could it be that our collective ego sits on the throne of society today?

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Take Charge Of Your Life - Motivation. Change Your Perspective, and You Get a New Impression.

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Take charge of your life - motivation. Change your perspective, and you get a new impression. Taking responsibility for oneself means that I look over what I need. And I make sure to create the conditions to get it. However, this should never be at the expense of anyone else. It means that I take responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, and actions maturely and responsibly.

How To Take Back Your Power Through Self-Awareness.

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Take back your power through self-awareness. When I follow my heart it gives me joy, happiness, inspiration, and a feeling of inner peace. It fills my body with a good and healthy energy that generates positive and happy thoughts. It gives me the power to create from my higher potential, and in this process, I just radiate out this positive energy to people around me, and they benefit from this too.

The Kingdom of Emotions. How to Raise Self-Awareness Threw My Emotions.

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The kingdom of emotions. How to raise self-awareness threw my emotions. Have you ever felt outside or that you didn’t fit into society? Has it always been that way? You can do something about it. Emotions are the body’s information carrier that raises awareness of myself if I am open to it. When I do not know who I am, it is easy for me to follow the paths of others instead of my own. It results in the feeling of not fitting in, like a seed for the wind that can't find anywhere to take root. When I understand the origin and real function of emotions, I become aware of what a valuable tool it is.

The Power Of Visualization, The Law Of Attraction.

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This Video is about how we daily use the power of visualization, the law of attraction. The video also includes 3 simple exercises that you can use to visualize easily. Everyone uses the power of visualization unconsciously or consciously. And when we were children, it was called fantasy. How many of us have not heard that we had a vivid imagination as a child? But as we got older, the fantasy is replaced by a more realistic and logical form, based on experiences from the past's projections. Where did my pink horses with spotted wings go? What I wanted to point out about this is that we stopped fantasizing boundless as we got older. The feeling of magic disappeared. Could this be the reason why some people find it difficult to visualize their dreams when the logical thinking of what is are dominating? The same goes for our development and our successes or failures; they are all created from the same source of vision. A vision is as it sounds. It's something I see. It is an inner image. If I ask you to think of a yellow banana with green braces, you will probably get that image, but since bananas do not have braces, you construct the image using your imagination.

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