The Power Of Visualization


child reading a book

Everyone visualizes unconsciously or consciously. And when we were little, it was called fantasy. How many of us have not heard that we had a lively imagination as a child? But as we get older, the vision is replaced by a more realistic and logical form, based on experiences from the past's projections of the future. Where did my pink horses with spotted wings go?

Difficult To Visualise

What I wanted to point out about this is that we stopped fantasizing boundless as we got older. The feeling of magic disappeared. Could this be the reason why some people find it difficult to visualize their dreams when the logical thinking of what is are dominating?

Inner Image

Same goes for our development and our successes or failures; they are all created from the same source of vision. A vision is as it sounds. It's something I see. It is an inner image. If I ask you to think of a yellow banana with green braces, you will probably get that image, but since bananas do not have braces, you construct the image using your imagination.

Yellow Banana With green Braces

If I say instead, you must not think of a yellow banana with green braces! What then? Well, you think of the banana with green braces. Thus, it does not matter if I say not; the words will always associate to a performance in the form of an inner image. The mind does not distinguish between negative or positive sentences. It only focuses on the object.

We Create Consciously or unconsciously.

When we visualize, we create consciously or unconsciously. The book and the filmization of the book The Law of Attraction provide insight into this.

Created My Dreamphoenix

I will tell you about some of my manifestations and how I did to achieve them, unconsciously and consciously.

I remember when I became aware that I had created my dream. It was 22 years ago, and I was pregnant with my first child. My partner and I were out walking. We passed a beautiful villa area with big grand houses.

I got a view of a large beautiful one with a large green garden. The house was perfectly located with a corner plot. My partner and I lived in an apartment and had a desire to get a house as soon as we got finances for it. But in that situation, it was far ahead in time.


I admired this beautiful house in every detail. I was so attracted to it, so I began to fantasize about what it would feel like to live there. I remember how I imagined sitting on the stairs to the house with my morning coffee in the sun. I remember imagining my child running on the plot with bare feet on the green lawn. I remember how I told my partner that I wanted to live there.

Early Inheritance

After that, I didn't think about it much more. But every time we passed the house after that, I dreamed of it again. A month later, I got a call from my grandfather. He told me that he and my grandmother had decided that I would have an early inheritance from them. He said that now that we were going to be a family, we needed a house. Of course, I became overjoyed, and my partner and I started looking for a home.

The House

I still had my dream house in mind, but since someone lived there already, it wasn't relevant. But one day, my partner called me on his way home from work. He said that the house I wanted now was for sale. We went on a tour of the house. And to our delight, there was no one but us on tour. The house became ours.

The Feeling Of Magic

When we had moved in, I remember how I sat down on the stairs to the house one morning. The sun was shining, and I was enjoying my morning coffee. Suddenly I got a feeling of Dejavu, and it struck me that I had gotten what I fantasized about just a few months before. I had no idea how it happened, but at that moment, I got to experience the feeling of magic.

The White Limousine

a white limousine

It wasn't until several years later When the book The Secret was released that I became aware of how things had gone. Still, I was a little sceptical about being able to create whatever I want, even though a few years earlier, I got a direct hit. So I put it to the test. I closed my eyes and visualized a white limousine. I saw it clearly for my inner vision and then released the image and left it.

What Had Just Happened

Later that evening, me and some friends went to a meeting in the suburb of Stockholm. After the meeting, we had pizza at a place nearby. We sat and ate and laughed when I suddenly saw something big and white in the corner of the eye. It was outside the window, and when I look out, I saw a big white limousine parking just outside. It was in the middle of the suburb just outside the pizzeria where I was. I couldn't help but stare and try to absorb what had just happened.

I Can Create What I Want

These are two of my real experiences of visualizing conscious and unconscious. I have many more, but it would take too long for you to read this blog if I put them in here also. But think of all the visions we send out daily, especially unconsciously. It is not always what we want, but perhaps what we expect. By becoming aware of the creative process, it gives me control over my life.

Above all, I can create what I want instead of what I don't want.


It also makes me aware of what I expect in my life. Consciously Visualizing is like going to a dream bank where everything is possible, and the more I invest in this bank, the more it will appear on the bank statement that is my life. Everything we make a habit of becomes a masterpiece in the end. It includes everything we do. Enough presence and focus eventually become a reality.

Here are some simple exercises you can use to visualize easily.

1. Make a vision board

Cut out positive and inspirational images and text from magazines. Then paste them up as a collage on a larger sheet of paper or cardboard. The images must give you a positive feeling when you see them. Use all your senses and fantasize as if you had it now.



2. Write an experience-based storyFantasy book

Write about yourself as if it were happening now. Write about what you want to experience. Write a novel about yourself. Get into the experience completely. Fantasize as you did as a child.


3. Paint a picture

paint a picture

I paint a lot of landscapes when I paint. And the fascinating thing about putting mindfulness in a painting is that you are in the vision the whole time you paint. And it seems to produce the fastest results. I am continually struck by amazement when I come to a new place and realizing that I have painted a picture of that place on one of my paintings before.


Where The Intention Goes Energy Flows

So I can highly recommend this exercise. You don't have to be an artist to paint, just a vision and some intention. Again, bring up the child in you, who always thinks it paints nicely. Because it is on the inside that the perfect picture exists. And keep in mind that, Where the intention goes energy flows.

The Finish line Quote

I want to end this blog with a quote from Marianne Williamson.

Visualize the most amazing life imaginable to you. Close your eyes and see it clearly. Then hold the vision for as long as you can. Now place the vision in gods hands and consider it done.

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