Take Charge Of Your Life-Motivation


Take charge of your life-motivation or taking responsibility for oneself means that I look over what I need. And I make sure to create the conditions to get it. However, this should never be at the expense of anyone else. It means that I take responsibility for my feelings, thoughts and actions maturely and responsibly.

Become Aware

It means that I should not project or blame my thoughts, feelings and actions on anyone or anything outside myself. But First, I need to become aware that it is I who is the creator of my life and no one else. If not, I will live independence and adaptation in society's tight suit, where victims and perpetrators are continually fighting for their energy.

The Energy

There are many different forms of energy. It is the energy supplied from our food—for example, fast and slow carbohydrates. And the energy we have around us the environment where we live relationships and environment. And the power we have in the body and the mind the inner environment Life energy.

Significant Influence

Life energy is the energy that is everywhere and accessible to everyone. This energy is necessary for us to live. For example, when we are tired and worn out, it means that life energy is low and we need to recover. We all need to sleep, or the body stops functioning. It is a matter of course for us, but when it comes to life and understanding how the energy of this life also has a significant influence on my successes and adversities in life is not always as obvious.

Energy Flow

When I think positive and uplifting thoughts about myself and my surroundings, It gives positive emotions and harmony to my body. It makes me feel relaxed and lets life energy flow freely through my body. It, in turn, is healing and healing for the body and soul. If I instead think of destructive thoughts that cause negative emotions and tensions, then I shut down the flow and course of the natural life energy, which creates blockages. It, in turn, creates what we call diseases in the body. It means that the body is not at ease.

Simple Math

It makes it easy to understand that it is me who is responsible for how I choose to feel. It is I who think the thoughts that give me my feelings, which provides me regarding where I am with where I want to be. It is simple math but can still be challenging to understand. It is because we live in a material world where the focus has been only on temporary quick solutions substitutes. Like, for example, when we feel and tense and overwork, find it difficult to relax, we take a glass of wine to achieve the feeling of peace. It can have devastating consequences in the long run if I can only calm down with the help of alcohol.

My Primary Needs

Substitutions always turn out to be unreliable, unstable and imperfect as it is, in fact, an escape from the truth. To find stability and trust in myself and my successes, I need to start by reviewing my primary needs. It gives me the chance of a freer flow of life energy.

The Importance Of Honesty 

To find precisely my primary needs, I need to start being honest with myself. That way, I can begin to follow my inner signpost. An example of this can be if I do not like what I work with, then my primary need is that I want to grow, further and find a job that I enjoy. I then need to find ways to make this possible, Instead of fooling myself with standard phrases that I have a good salary anyway, or I should be grateful to have a job, etc.

Limiting Beliefs

If I did not listen to the truth, then I will inevitably project my feelings of lack of this need to my surroundings or society at large. I commit myself to adaptation and limitations because of limiting beliefs. It may seem that I have no other choice, but its base is on my limitation of myself.

What I Can Change

We cannot change other people. All change begins with myself and my view of other people. What I can change is how I perceive myself. What I can change is how I see other people.

I change when I change my perception of myself.

People change when I change my perception of them.

The world changes when I change my perception of them.

change your perspective, and you get a new impression.

Love Or Fear

I am, as I said, the creator of my life conscious or unaware of it. I have a choice every moment, To either be a victim or to be the creator of my reality. Every thought I have about reality creates a feeling of love or fear. If I choose a new way of looking at reality, I will experience new emotions and reactions, which creates a new reality for me. I can change how I think about myself and how I feel about other people and the world. I just have to stop and listen to the truth about me, and then take action to follow my heart.


The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe // Albert Einstein.


  1. Websst on May 9, 2020 at 12:40 am

    Thank you for useful post.
    Regards Dan

    • Eleonor Loqvist on May 9, 2020 at 11:00 pm

      Thank you, Dan! I am glad that it was useful 🙂

  2. sarah me on July 28, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Great!, and the most important decision to make is to believe we live in the friendly world and trust it because the world will conspire to help you in one way or the other. which most people don`t notice and end up saying oohhhshhh, it just happened by chance! .yet its the power of the friendliness of the world.

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