New Thinking In Times Like These

What Is Happening?

The fear of change has probably never been higher. We are all now pushed outside of our comfort zone. Concepts such as security are blurred. The uncertainty of the future lies like a threat in front of our eyes. This image is what the media implements over and over again to our minds. But stop for a moment and see what is happening.

Fight Or Flight

Uncertainty can be daunting for many. What we cannot understand we are afraid of because we have no control over it. What we do not understand, we can not love, because we feel insecure. It then results in fear because uncertainty about something triggers a cascade of disaster thoughts to make us ready to fight or flight.

Fear- False Evidence Appearing Real

I remember when I was a kid. I was afraid of the dark, and as soon as the lamp was off, I thought I could hear creepy noises, I fantasized about ghosts and monsters which made me even more scared. But as soon as I turned on the light, the fear within me let go. It was only about not being able to see what was in the room when the light was on. When I then switched on the lamp again, I got the control back.

Another Path

I think we are afraid of what we cannot see because it means we have no control. We are born with a mind that can visualize fantasizing, and it can either help us create what we want or what we do not want. None of it is right or wrong for me to create what I do not wish for so I may know more clearly what I want. The suffering clarifies this and leads me into another path.

Be In Flow

To learn from the mistakes is to grow in maturity. It gives a higher knowledge that everything will pass. It results in me becoming more aware of my capacity and ability. I get to know myself better, and my self-esteem grows. Change is necessary when the old ones do not make me grow anymore. Otherwise, I end up in stagnation. We need to be in flow to feel good And to be creative in our creation, otherwise, we end up in depression and burnout.

Our Society

Isn't this exactly where our society has been reflecting for a while now? I think what happens now is the course of nature. All the chaos and confusion we experienced so far is only the effect of a society built on our laws norms and rules.

One With Everything

We are living in a box. Outside the box, we find nature. It is now pullulating on trees and bushes. The birds are singing in the spring gathering regardless of whether the stock market crashes. Nature is untouched by the Coronavirus and financial crisis. It continues to be just one with everything.

A New Paradigm

It is we people who live in the drama that we have directed. Then something unexpected happened and interfered with it. Now we are in full swing to attack this enemy. But what is happening? May it be time for a new paradigm shift where change is inevitable for our continued growth. Could it be that the material and dualistic era is saturated and needs to go for the good of all?

Invite Love

It's time to invite love into our lives, to each other as a whole instead of dualism's fear of loneliness and separation. There has never been such a vast opportunity like it does now for a change for the better. For this to happen, we need positive influences around us.

The Right Influences

A while ago, I signed up for some free workshops that I found interesting, and it gave me a real boost in my life. Today I work with a home-based business that gets me to do what I love. I feel so humbled right now to have the right tools and the right influences to help me stay positive in this turbulent time.

Inspire Others

I believe that the main thing is to find something we love and focus on it, no matter what other people say or think about it. Because when I do what I love, I attract the right circumstances and the right people that resonate with me. And in turn, this inspires others to do the same.

New Thinking

We need new thinking that uplifts instead of increasing fear. These people are plenty if we only look around and lifts the gaze. We need to help those who are doing the hardest by highlighting their potential and giving them hope.

Focus On The Progress

It is here and now that we create our future. Why not make it inspirational and full of value for oneself and everyone around us. What kind of influence do I want to be for others and myself? I am currently choosing to focus on the progress that comes from this crisis.

Live And Love Again

I feel that people tend to be more creative when something threatens their sphere. Although it feels pointless and terrible to many right now, it is now that we can help each other to a friendlier and more functional society where we see each other. I think there are times like these that teach us how to live and love again.

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// Love Eleonor

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