How To Thoroughly Learn To Meditate

To Meditate, We Need To Be Able To Master Physical Relaxation First.

I remember when I was doing a relaxation exercise for the first time. It was in the gym at school. We would lie on the floor and just relax to the quiet music. It was nothing complicated, but for me, it was. I lay down and started to relax, and Then my body suddenly reacted with panic.

I Had Not Learned To Relax

It's like the body thought it was unnatural. I felt unprotected in some way. Its because I was tense for a very long time. My body was so used to being strained, so when I was relaxing, it reacted in defence. When I wanted to start meditating a few years later, this became almost impossible, since I had not learned to relax. I had to learn through physical relaxation before I could start meditating.

Difficulties With Meditation

I have also encountered this problem with others. When in recent years, I have had courses in personal development. Some of my clients have had difficulties with meditation exercises. But as they have been exercising more on the relaxation exercises, it has become easier for them to start meditating.

Body Memories

We all probably understand that it is about stress. It eventually becomes incorporated body memories. That is habits. Of course, these habits can stop, but commitment and training are required to achieve a result. It's like everything else we want to change. There are two things we need to master before we can meditate successfully.

1. Physical Relaxation

2. Mental relaxation

Physical relaxation is the very basis of meditation. You can test how easy you are to relax through a regular honest relaxation exercise.

Man Laying on the grass

Do This.

Close your eyes and observe how easy or difficult it is to keep your eyes closed and relaxed. If you struggle to keep your eyes closed, then you probably have a hard time relaxing.

Physical Relaxation exercise

1. Lie straight on the floor with your arms along the sides.

2. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and into your stomach, and exhale through the mouth.

3. Do this three times before returning to normal breathing again.

4. Retake a deep breath and hold your breath for about 5 seconds, while clenching your fists as hard as you can. Then exhale and relax in your hands.

5. Feel what a difference it is to be tense and to be relaxed.

6. Continue to tighten and loosen all body parts in this way and, When you get down to your feet, you end up stretch your entire body at the same time.

7. Lie still for 10 minutes and feel the difference in what it is like to be tight and relaxed.

Do this exercise regularly, and you will achieve results. After a while, you will find that your body relaxes already when you lie down to do the relaxation exercise. You have then started reprogramming an old habit into a new one.

Mental Relaxation

With Mental Relaxation, we can become more disciplined when it comes to our thoughts. It is essential to be aware of what we are thinking.

This exercise clearly shows what is going on in the brain when we think we have complete control over our thoughts.

Woman points at her head with her fingers

Mental relaxation exercise

1. Lie down or sit comfortably. Prepare to be undisturbed.

2. Close your eyes

3. Now try to see a hand in front of you in your interior. See how it writes your name with white chalk on a blackboard. See this in plain, simple letters.

4. When you see the image for your interior, try to hold it. Just concentrate on seeing the picture of your name. Then try to keep the image in mind. Do this for 5 minutes without letting any other thoughts come in and disturb.

Then perform the exercise three more times.

How did you think the exercise went?

Could you develop the image in your interior?

Could you keep the image without disturbing other thoughts?

We Can Do Something About It

This exercise provides a good insight into how much control of our thoughts we have. But as we become aware of it, the more we can do something about it. If you practice this exercise often, then you will be able to keep the image for longer. It means that you focus your attention on one thing, and can then more easily dismiss all other thoughts that interfere.

Become conscious

To become conscious is to have your own experience so that it gets a substance‚ÄĒscience instead of an assumption. Therefore, I think we need to get the experience of something before we can know it. Too many times, we judge something without even having any knowledge of it. It is essential to understand if we want to develop on a thorough level.

Becoming Aware

We need to open our minds and stop dismissing everything we just don't understand right now. The great thing about life is that there is so much to explore and discover it. It is if we want when we want and how we want. I think the discovery of ourselves is the cornerstone of becoming aware of this.

Learn How To Relax

Meditation is a means of transport to our interior. Having a desire to meditate is a good start. But don't let the thought that it doesn't suit me, or that it's too tricky and complicated take you away from your desire. Only if we take the time to understand the basics is it usually easier than we think. I just need to learn how to relax.


How Meditation Has Affected My Life

For me, meditation today is a primary need, just as I need to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. Here is a before and after list that shows how meditation has affected my life.

Before I Started Meditating

1. I slept poorly

2. I was often tired and powerless

3. I had poor concentration ability

4. I often experienced internal stress and anxiety

5. I had a lot of mood swings, continuously lived in a drama

6. I was impatient, gave up easily

7. I trained very rarely

8. I ate irregularly

9. I was in constant pain everywhere

10. I was a Victim

After I Started Meditating

1. I usually fall asleep within 10 minutes of bedtime

2. I am alert and awake until the afternoon. I Gains new power after the meditations.

3. I Concentrate on what is important to me.

4. I am Rarely worried

5. My Mood swings are almost entirely gone, Only around menstruation can this appear.

6. I have patience. I finish what I started, even though I spit and mill a bit first.

7. I eat regularly and take care of myself.

8. I rarely have pain nowadays

9. I exercise regularly

10. I am aware that I am the director of my life, and I have grown tired of the victim role.

Existence Of All Possibilities

All this and much more I have won, On to thoroughly learn to meditate. Above all, I have created a new habit that I follow regularly. The best thing about meditating is that I usually get the best ideas and solutions from them. It is like opening the door to the existence of all possibilities.

Letting Go

I let go and am an observer of myself for a while. Sometimes I fall asleep during meditation, And sometimes I get an energy boost that brings all the cells in my body to life. There are different experiences I get depending on what my body needs for the moment.

Start From Scratch

Difficulty meditating need not be a problem. Let it be just a reference that you may need to start from scratch. It becomes so much harder if we have to learn to ride a bike before we can even walk.

TM (Transcendental Meditation)

I hope these exercises will help you who want to meditate but don't know how or where to start. There are many different forms of meditations. You need to find the shape that suits you best. There is a form of meditation called TM (Transcendental Meditation), where the person gets a personal mantra to follow to get down into a meditative state more easily.

Straightforward To Learn

You get initiated and receive regular supervision by a TM teacher. The method is straightforward to learn, but it does cost a lot, it depends entirely on where you want to invest.

Gain access To A New Perspective

Whichever form you choose, I think it is essential that you can first and foremost control physical and mental relaxation. As long as we are in the material, the outer, we cannot have an inner experience of ourselves. We need to let go of all the focus on the body and the mind to gain access to a new perspective.

Or what do you think?

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