How To Miraculously Heal Yourself


Nine Common Factors

When it comes to health, there is a lot we can do to keep ourselves healthy, but we can also heal ourselves when needed. Studies that one done on healing in which the people with severe illnesses such as cancer have succeeded in improving themselves miraculously. When studying these people's approaches in their healing process, one could find nine common factors from all participants, which are this.

  • They radically changed their diet.
  • They took control of their health.
  • They followed their intuition.
  • They used herbs and supplements.
  • They released suppressed emotions.
  • They were increasing positive emotions.
  • They were embracing social support.
  • They deepened their spiritual connection.
  • They had a strong reason for living.

Mental Emotionbased And Spiritual

Only two of the things they were doing are physical rest, are psychologically emotions based and spiritual. For me, as a holistic wellness therapist, this is not strange at all but quite natural. I see body mind and soul as a whole. I have not only a belief but also my own experience of healing myself.

My Healing Process

When I came across this list of nine common denominators, I could see that even I had practised these during my healing process, Without being aware of it. What I did, I'll tell you here.

Asthma And Stomach Problems

Ever since I was a kid, I have had problems with my trachea. I often went to the hospital urgently because of croup and shortness of breath at that time. As I got a little older, it developed into asthma. I also often had stomach problems inform of bloating and stomach ache. It was something that I became used to living with, so I didn't reflect that much.

New Diet

About eight years ago, I came into contact with a new diet through a workmate to me. I wasn't so much for it at all at the time, but since she said it had helped her with her stomach problems which I then had, I figured it couldn't hurt to try anyway.

Fantastic Result

To my amazement, it didn't take more than a day after I started the diet until the stomach problems disappeared. I was so impressed with this response from my body which made me decide to continue with the food, of course, breaking habits can be so tricky sometimes but thanks to the fantastic result I got, this was no problem.

I Stood Up

Even when I was sometimes not met by understanding and acceptance Over my choice of changed diet, I stood up. A year later, I had not known about asthma or had a cold at all. I stopped using my inhaler and was out running several days a week.

Started Worrying

When I got pregnant, I started worrying that the baby would not get all the vitamins and minerals if I continued with the diet during pregnancy. This worry eventually made me decide to start eating regular food again.

The Essence Of Pain

Halfway into pregnancy, I suffered a severe cold that went down the airways, and I coughed for several weeks. The bugs continued, and in the eighth month, I was sick again with cough and difficulty breathing. I had to eat cortisone in turns and take my inhaler at regular intervals and. I even managed coughed a rib of, and with a baby lying inside kicking at my bones, I got to experience the essence of pain.

By A Magic Trick

I realised then that I had probably made the wrong decision when I stopped dieting, and after my son's birth, I brought it up again. By a magic trick, the virus infections stopped ravaging my body. Since then, I have been through a lot of work with myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  • I eat a healthy and ecological diet.
  • I take supplements such as fish oil.
  • I practice energy flow breathing. That is a form of releasing emotions. 
  • I listen and have an open mind.
  • I follow my intuition.
  • I receive help when needed.
  • I meditate twice daily and visualise what I want in my life.
  • I have an easy time feeling all the emotions.
  • I mostly focus on love and joy.


Today I feel I have much to give and share, but I also want to learn and experience. It creates a strong love for life and a desire to live to the fullest. I believe in balance and self-knowledge, and when I become aware of myself and want to know my self better. I can meet my primary needs more, physically, mentally emotional, and Spiritual.

The Potential

I understand the potential I have for an abundant, healthy, loving life. I'm almost fit, and the best part is that it also applies to my partner and my smallest son.

You Live, And You Learn

My son has never been sick, and he is six years now. He is rarely ill and my husband likewise this is fantastic. What we sow we get to harvest, and of course, I have sown weeds many times, but they gave me perspective and knowledge of what I would do next. After all,  you live, and you learn.

Your Emotional Mental Work

The best thing about health is that there are ways to activating your immune system with your emotional, mental work. And there is a lot of science behind it. What usually holds us back is our old beliefs about reality. If we look back in history, we can see traces of an ancient philosophy that affects us today.

The whole

Western thinking has long leaned toward the intellect and the rational, which has made scientific materialism limited when it seeks only physical causes behind physical phenomena. You have lost the whole where the body has an intimate connection to the emotions, the thoughts and the soul.

The Right Conditions

The great thing about our bodies and cells is that they repair themselves under the right conditions, and it is up to me to look at what these conditions can be. I have to listen to my heart. What I know from my own experience is that the focus on the deficiencies creates illness while the focus on the strengths gives power and health.


  1. Marius Gabriel on March 22, 2020 at 11:09 am

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom with the world Eleonor! It is great to find people that are on the same wavelengths as myself when it comes to these `miraculous` factors 🙂

  2. Che Maria Milani on March 25, 2021 at 9:00 am

    Love how the power of food is reinforced as a way of healing – I agree with this completely and hope that more people become curious about it too.

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