How To Make Target Decision

How to make a target decision.

We often talk about goals and desires but what about the main thing that takes us there? You have to make a decision,  but it's the quality of the decision that gets you there or not.

You Live And You Learn

My decision-making in the past was often made from other people's opinions and choices in life and it all came from my fear to not fit in. This, of course, made me not to stick to my decision and I jumped to another one as soon as I ran into an obstacle. My behaviour became ambivalent and my credibility was quite low but you live and you learn and so I did.

The Key To My Freedom

I have learned a lot from this and one-day it gave me the total clarity of what decision making is all about. I had to start being true to myself.  Today I know that it is the key to my freedom.

Grounded In My Heart Rather Than In My Head

My first real decision was a life-changing moment for me and that is how I know what power it can bring. When I am true to myself it has a big impact on everything I do say or think and the true decision is deeply grounded in my heart rather than in my head.

Steady On The Road

Your true decision gives you the power to move on and go through obstacles in a whole different way. it is the clarity,  certainty and the truth that just holds you steady on the road.

See It From A Higher Perspective

First of all, it must come from my truth. You will need to see the decision from a higher perspective. It should be for my best and everyone around me. Is everyone going to benefit from this decision? how will my decision affect my surroundings and myself see it from a larger perspective you have to feel and know that this is right for you,  and when you feel this from the bottom of your heart just follow it up without hesitating or looking back.

The Power 

Know where the decision is grounded and when you finally reach your goal you will know what gave you the power to do so… You made a target decision.

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