How To Identify your Limited beliefs

Feeling Of Separation

When a belief or conviction makes me feel bad, it is a limited one. I can quickly recognise within myself in the form of negative emotions or resistance. Resistance is an internal conflict where the thought says one thing and the heart another. It, in turn, creates a feeling of separation within me.

Not Being Good Enough

An example of this might be the approach of ​​not being good enough. The heart then says that this is not true while the idea here led to experience in the past when something gave the appearance of time not being good enough.

Related To The Past

Someone might have expressed his opinion that made me think I wasn't good enough, or the circumstances of the past were too much for me to take in and instead of accepting the situation as it was, I turned on myself instead. Whatever the case, it is related to the past, which we then copy into our thinking about the future.

Squirrel Wheel

This squirrel wheel means we can never have a new experience because we find stacked in an old history of ourselves. Hence the limitation. The belief can often find us in past experiences where thought repeated over and over until it has become our only reality.

The Truth

So how do you get out of the angular force? One way is to question the idea that I am not good enough by reflecting on how accurate the idea is with reality. Just because someone has once said or shown their displeasure to me, it means that it is the person who says or does about the truth about me and that it was only me who was the wrong link in the universe. How significant is the probability?

Pure Frame Projection

If someone is having a bad day and in the state of their anger where only destructive thoughts and feelings take shape, it seems to me that I am stupid in my head, do I sincerely believe that what the person says is entirely true? If I look at it objectively, it is pure frame Projection. It is only an escape from oneself and one's responsibility in an attempt to impose it on another.

Like Glowing Coals

Negative thoughts are like glowing coals that we sometimes don't know where to make of them. And then usually the quickest solution is to throw it over to someone else in the hope of not burning yourself. Unfortunately, this can set off a wildfire of untruths and limitations without knowledge and awareness of the truth of how it all started.


To find out what my limiting beliefs are, So I need to question the truth of it first. I can start by seeing all the times I proved the opposite not to be good enough. Imagine the times when I have been entirely sufficient for myself and others. Only through this little reflection can I see that the truth is something other than I thought it was.

A New Belief

It is the first step to beginning to experience something different from what I am recognising. It slowly but surely removes the very limitation of the conviction. New knowledge and a new belief that is more congruent With my heart can take shape. The internal conflict that previously experienced begins to dissolve, and so does the feeling of separation. I get a sense of peace and harmony and the sensibility of sufficiency that reminds me.  The limitation has gone I got a new belief I'm in balance.


  1. sarah me on July 28, 2020 at 9:38 am

    so in that case ,if one new belief can make you recognize your limiting beliefs then it would be a good idea to be creating many new beliefs may be by changing the way you see things as well.great

  2. Christopher Sacharuk on July 28, 2020 at 9:38 am

    I love the content here. There are some really great points made for me to reflect on. I really like the flow of the subheads and the information you offered. There is really so much good in this post. I think it could benefit from having the info in your post connect emotionally with the audience as opposed to just being the info itself(especially with this type of info) and by lifting the readers up at the end with an uplifting closing paragraph. Just a thought. Great article…. loved the quote of the day too!

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