Get To Know your Emotions

Have you ever felt outside or that you didn't fit into society? Has it always been that way? You can do something about it.

Awareness Of My Self

Emotions are the body's information carrier that raises awareness of myself if I am open to it. We have all had influences in one way or another, and a feeling of not fitting in maybe because what I feel is right. Perhaps not in the drastic way I think through my analysis of the thought and the belief. It may be thoughts about why can't I be different? And or, -it must be something wrong with me, -I'm not good enough and so on. The more I ponder, the further away from the truth I come, the truth about myself.


"Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" Albert Einstein.

Primary Needs

To know who I am, I need to find what gives me the energy of life, joy and balance. I need to find my real purpose in life so that I can live as I learn. I need to listen to my primary needs As regards diet, sleep, closeness and love. I need to express my feelings openly and honestly.

Not Fitting In

When I do not know who I am, it is easy for me to follow the paths of others instead of my own. It results in the feeling of not fitting in, like a seed for the wind that can't find anywhere to take root. When I understand the origin and real function of emotions, I become aware of what a valuable tool it is.

Anxiety and Fear

There are genuine emotions and manipulated emotions. It means that real emotions are functional and about the present, while the manipulated emotions are dysfunctional and relate to the past. These are often old depressing feelings that mislead rather than relieve. The experience is anxiety or fear of various kinds.

Layers Of Emotions

To get it undone, I must understand the origin, of knowing the reason for where this Emotion fonded from the beginning. Many times it can be layers of emotions on this Emotion that mess with it for me in the present.


For example, when I overreact to something without understanding why, it quickly happens that I then feel shame that becomes another layer of Emotion. Emotions that I shut down for some reason turn into shadows that consistently follow me. You can't run away from your own shadow. The only thing that makes it disappear is to illuminate it. Only then can I see that the shadow was just an illusion that scared me for a while.

Emotion And Feelings

The difference between emotions and feelings. Emotion- event in our environment. Feelings - the processing of emotions.

Primary And Secondary Emotions

Primary and secondary emotions. The primary emotions develop during our first year of life. It is

  • Sadness
  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Fear

The secondary emotions develop later and can describe as moral emotions, moral self-awareness. It is

  • Jealous
  • Shame
  • Debt
  • Pride

My Interpretation

The secondary emotions spring from the ethics and morals of society. The rules and norms that come from the survival strategies of our history, where many people are still ashamed and guilty and always do. It is my interpretation.


The natural and basic emotions overlapped with these secondary emotions making it harder to find the right feeling. It creates confusion. An example of this may be,

When a child becomes mocked every time it becomes sad or beaten every time it expresses anger, the experience of the natural emotions is disturbed by discomfort or suffering. The child then associates being sorry with shame, and being angry with guilt, and begins to do everything possible to avoid these emotions.

Survival Strategies

As it emerges, the mind interprets it as a danger, and the child escapes through survival strategies it has found to protect itself with, and which it often carries with it into adulthood.

To Get Out Of Confusion

To get out of the confusion, I need to let go of secondary learning. I need to install this program. I am discovering it as old programming that is no longer functional in my life.

Become Aware

To become aware of it, I can begin to question what kind of Emotion emerges when, for example, I  faced with a significant decision, find myself in conflict, meet the successes of others and my own, when I meet authorities, and so on. In this way, I can get to know myself, And what emotions dominate me.

Love Or Fear

It gives clarity on my primary needs, but above all, it gives me a clue about my unlimited potential. If I simplify it all, there are only two guiding feelings. The first is love. The second is fear, and fear is only lack of love. When I understand that what I do, say and believe about myself is either founded in love or fear. I can also know that I have a choice here.

The Truth


I can continue as I have always done, or I can stop and reflect on who I am, Where I am going, and Why. It does count as important in my life. The truth is always within ourselves.

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