New Thinking In Times Like These

A mask in nature

What Is Happening? The fear of change has probably never been higher. We are all now pushed outside of our comfort zone. Concepts such as security are blurred. The uncertainty of the future lies like a threat in front of our eyes. This image is what the media implements over and over again to our…

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Take Charge Of Your Life-Motivation

girl holding a suitcase and balloons

Responsibility Take charge of your life-motivation or taking responsibility for oneself means that I look over what I need. And I make sure to create the conditions to get it. However, this should never be at the expense of anyone else. It means that I take responsibility for my feelings, thoughts and actions maturely and…

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Get To Know your Emotions


Have you ever felt outside or that you didn’t fit into society? Has it always been that way? You can do something about it. Awareness Of My Self Emotions are the body’s information carrier that raises awareness of myself if I am open to it. We have all had influences in one way or another,…

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How To Identify your Limited beliefs

a fence with a heart locker

Feeling Of Separation When a belief or conviction makes me feel bad, it is a limited one. I can quickly recognise within myself in the form of negative emotions or resistance. Resistance is an internal conflict where the thought says one thing and the heart another. It, in turn, creates a feeling of separation within…

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How To Make Target Decision

man holding a heart and a brain in his hands

How to make a target decision. We often talk about goals and desires but what about the main thing that takes us there? You have to make a decision,  but it’s the quality of the decision that gets you there or not. You Live And You Learn My decision-making in the past was often made…

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Take Back Your Power!

Follow Your Heart When I follow my heart it gives me joy, happiness, inspiration, and a feeling of inner peace. It fills my body with a good and healthy energy that generates positive and happy thoughts. It gives me the power to create from my higher potential, and in this process, I just radiate out…

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