Get To Know your Emotions


Have you ever felt outside or that you didn’t fit into society? Has it always been that way? You can do something about it. Awareness Of My Self Emotions are the body’s information carrier that raises awareness of myself if I am open to it. We have all had influences in one way or another,…

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How To Miraculously Heal Yourself

Man Holding His Hands Up Feeling The Power Of Healing

  Nine Common Factors When it comes to health, there is a lot we can do to keep ourselves healthy, but we can also heal ourselves when needed. Studies that one done on healing in which the people with severe illnesses such as cancer have succeeded in improving themselves miraculously. When studying these people’s approaches…

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How To Identify your Limited beliefs

a fence with a heart locker

Feeling Of Separation When a belief or conviction makes me feel bad, it is a limited one. I can quickly recognise within myself in the form of negative emotions or resistance. Resistance is an internal conflict where the thought says one thing and the heart another. It, in turn, creates a feeling of separation within…

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